Monday, July 12, 2010

Preposition in Apatani

Preposition is a word or group of words that relates its object to another word in the sentence. [As defined in J.E Warner�s Business English for Carrier].

In Tanii agun, unlike in English, preposition is used after noun or pronoun (object).

List of prepositions with example:

ho : on, at, in, to e.g., Table ho kitab do. [Book is on the table]; Ngo siisi Hapoli ho da. [I am now at Hapoli]; Rajesh, Simla ho dudu. [Rajesh lives in Simla.]. Ama, Itanagar ho tone/ Ama, Itanagar tone. [Ama went to Itanagar.]

ura ho : inside e.g., Bakos ura ho tarii done./ Tarii hii bakos ura ho done. [The cloth is inside the box]

ago ho : outside e.g., Ude ago ho habun do. [It is cool outside the house]

liipa ho : in between e.g., Hong, Bulla nyika liipa ho Hari lemba do. [Hari village is in between Hong and Bulla.]

hata ho/hii : in front of e.g., Nobin, Tamo hata hii/ho da. [Nobin stands in front of Tamo.]; No Nobin hata ho dato [You stand in front of Nobin.]

kiilin ho : behind e.g., Tallo, Tapa kiilin ho aado.[Tallo is coming behind Tapa.]

hawo ho : above/ up in e.g., Putu hawo ho ude kone do. [There is a house up in the hill]

ikko ho : beneath/ under e.g., Sanii ikko ho dumosa. [Let�s take rest under the tree.]

akkan ho : below

agin ho/pa : with e.g., Ngo Tamer agin pa aadu. /Ngo Tamer agin ho aato (I came with Tamer]

pa : for, about e.g., (Ngo)Siika tarii mi Anya pa riibii-talyi. [I will buy and take this shirt for Anya]: (Ngo)Siika tarii mi Anya pa riichi. [I will buy this shirt for Anya]; Ngiika aalyi ho 3:30 pa miine. [When I came it was about 3:30]

hopa : by, through e.g., Lembo hopa aato [Come by road]

hokii : from e.g., Ngo lemba hokii tolyi. [I come (down) from village]

mi : to/ at e.g., Akki mi yalan kooto. [throw stone at the dog]; Simi Kobin mi bito. [give it to Kobin]